Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Benifit of pycnogenol and side effects of pycnogenol.

Pycenogenol is called pine bark ectrat or french maritime pine bark extract.

The main benefit of pycnogenol is very high anti oxidant levels that are good for heart and most of your body. They are higher levels than vitamin c and e and have mnore effect.

Most side effects of pycnogenol are small or little. Some people might get dizzy from useing pycnogenal. I personal suggest you do not take any vitamin e and asprin if you use pycnogenol daily. I would suggest pycnogenol and one good multivitamin.

Benefit of pycnogenol is on heart and circulation mostly. Yes it helps most any part of body but it thins blood and reduces cholestorol in some people. Most interesting is the fact it helps small viens in your eyes so it might be good for certain eye conditions.

Pycenogenol is exspensive and has only one advantage over grape seed extract. The main advantage over grape seed extract is pycnogenol effects on eyes and viens in your eyes. This would be my choice for certain eye conditions.

I would take pycnogenol for eye coditions but not for heart or other benfitis. I can get same effect or better one from taking grape seed extract at less cost. I would suggest taking pycnogenol if grape seed extract makes you to dizzy after so many days of using it. You could try pycnogenol instead to see if you are not as dizzy.

Would i use pycnogenol pine bark yes. I would use it if i had certain eye problems maybe even glucoma and other problems such as that. Would i use it for heart or anti oxidents no. I owuld use grape seed extract because it has higher levels and works better on some things like skin and blood thining.

The cost of pycnogenol is high so i suggest grape seed extract instead. I also suggest no one take either one of the medicinal herbs if they are using asprin daily or blood thinners.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

health benefit of garlic

Health benefits of garlic.

Garlic is a very well known herb. It is used in food and medicinal herbs.

The health benefit of garlic is lower cholestoral and thins your blood. Most studies show garlic to lower cholestoral and thin your blood. Cholestorol can lower by 6 to 12 points but some studies suggest that effects of garlic on your health last for a few months only.

Personaly i would use garlic if i wanted to lower cholestoral for few months and thin blood. You can buy medicinal herb garlic in powder and capsules even oil form.

Garlic is known to kill some bacteria and germs. The amount needed to kill germs in body would be to high to use garlic for but it seems it would work well for germs in your mouth.

Now thier is no known studies on garlic use for germ killing in mouth but you have to wonder if it would be a great way to kill germs in your gums. This would make garlic a easy way to kill gingavitis or gum disease. Like i said no studies but if you have such a problem maybe adding garlic to your favorite dishes or eating raw garlic would help kill the germs.

Side effects of health benefit of garlic are small. Bad breath and some stomach upset for some people. One major side effect of garlic would be if used with daily asprin or blood thining herbs or medicines.

Because garlic thins blood i would not use with any asprin or other blood thinners. You could wind up with blood that will not clot or stop bleeding if cut. You also could get light headed from to thin of blood.

The health benefit of garlic have shown some effect on demensea and other diseses associated with bad blood flow in brain. Garlic does do some great thing for your health but must be looked at in terms of benifits to side effects.

I personaly say yes have some garlic in meals it will not hurt and it is in small enough doses not to effect orther hebs or drugs.

For blood thinning garlic is a good choice but i prefer grape seed extract. Garlic is also good for choloestoral but only short term use and not with any other drugs.

Monday, October 23, 2006

hawthorn berries

Hawthorn berries.

One of the best natural herbs for the heart is hawthorne berry.

Hawthorn berries come in capsule form or sometimes liquid drops or teas. I preffer the hawthorn berry capsules myself.

Hawthorn beries have one of the more documented positive effects on your heart and blood presure. Hawthorn has been studied world wide and is accepted in some eurpoean countries and a natural heart tonic.

Germany uses hawthornberry capsoles for heart patients. Hawthorn is very good for lowering blood pressure and making your heart stronger. For some reason not well know hawthorn can raise blood pressure if needed and lower it if needed.

No one knows how hawthorn seems to know what to do but it has some great effects on weak hearts making them pump stronger and congested heartfailure patients seem to improve with hawthorn berry use.

Side effects of hawthorn beries are few if any. First never take any herb with out talking to a doctor if you are on medication. Hawthorn can increase some drugs effect and reduce others. No real long term side effects have been noted. Hawthorn berry has been accepted as a long term use herb for heart conditions. The longer you take it the more it seem to help.

Hawthornberry can be found at any drug store or vitamin shop. You can get liquid or tea but i prefer capsules and are at most stores.

Each one has different amount per pill so take according ot directions. You can increase dose to help more but consult doctor if you have medical condition and use medication for any reason.

Hawthorn berrie is used in most hearttonics and one of the main staples for a strong heart and good bloodpressure.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

milk thistle

Milk thistle.

Milk thistle benfits and side effects.

Milk thistle is well know for the positive effects it has on your liver. One of the better herbs to cleanse your liver and help restore it.

Milk thistle used as directed has no real side effects. You can use it to boost your liver if you have any type of blood or liver problem. I would use it for lead posioning and other poisonings to help restore liver function.

Milkthistle is very good for people who drink alcohol every week. If you drink alot i would suggest taking milk thistel to help rebuild your liver.

Studies have shown milk thistle encourages liver cells to regenerate and helps keep the liver healthy. If your liver is not healthy this can increase blood pressure and heart disease so milk thistle is one of the better ways to prevent this.

Milk thistle has no real sideeffects and can be used by most people to help restore liver functions. If you take any medications asks your doctor some herbs increase drugs affects and sometimes decrease drugs effect.

I would rate milk thistle as one of the best medicinal herbs for anyone who drinks alot or smokes. This will only help your liver cope with the harmful chemicals in your system. I would also use it for any type of heavy metal poisoning such as lead or mercury.

I do not suggest you take this if you have very high levels but if you have heavy metal levels that need to come down this will help. Always consult a doctor if you use any herbs to treat a condition. I use herbs to help prevent them more than treat them.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Dandelion root or powder herb .

Dandalion is used for water retention and for cleaning the blodd stream.

Dandilion herb is high in potassium and iron and calcium. It is very safe and can be used as dandelion herb in pwdered form and liquid extract.

You can even use dandilion wine and tea for health use.

No real side efects for dandilion except possible heart burn. It is also not a good idea to use dandelion root if your taking water pills. Dandelin can increase water pills so do not take both at same time.

Dandelen is a good herb for cleaning blood and liver out. Some studies show some good results but it needs to be study more.

You can take dandelion daily with no side effects or risks. It will help your fluid balance in body and clean liver kidney and even spleen.
Dandelion can also be used just to get more potasium and iron and calcium. It is very high and all natural way to increase each one.

I suggest dandelion for water retention and it can help with kidney stones. I think it helps with kidney stones becaues it does make you urinate more and that is a good thing with kidney stones.

No one has proven the effect on kidne stones but if you ever had one you will try anything not to get another one. Dandelion might stop stones or delay them. Considering this has no side effects except heart burn and is high in vitamins i would take dandelion if i want to clean my blood and liver and kidneys out.

Dandilion herbal remedies are usulay pils powder or teas. Some have liquid drops. Read each one because all have different strengths. Any health food or vitamin store should have dendelion.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

grape seed

Grape seed extract.

One of the hottest medicinal herbs is grapeseed extract powder or oil.

I use the grape sead powder everyday. It has been studied by various research groups and found to be one of the most potent antioxidant thier is.

Everyone knows about the wine studies that show people who drink a glass of red wine have less chance for heart attacks and better cardio vascular health.

Grape seed extract is basicaly red wine with out the alcohol. Some powder forms even use dried redwine and grapeseed extrat.

The only side efects of grape sead use is possible head aches or dizziness. I personaly have been dizzy from grape seed while taking a regular bayer asprin daily. I now oly take half asprin and will switch to low dose soon.

Grape seed extract thins your blood so aspren use will thin it even more. This is why dizziness can be caused.

The benifit of grape seed powder is great. The actual amount of anti oxidants is 50 times more than vitimin e and and 20 times more than vitamen c. I prefer grape seed over both c and e since i basicaly get both with grape seed extract.

Out of all the flavanoids such as c and e and pinebark grape seed extract does more for you and works on almost every part of the body. From your skin to your heart and brain grape seed is one of the best antioxidants around.

I love grape seed for 2 reasons. First it is all natural and very low toxicity in any amount. You really can not over do it unless you take to much and thin your blood out and get dizzy. No real harmfull sideeffects.

Second i get all the anti oxidents i need from one pill instead of taking c and e and pine bark. From younger skin to better heart grape seed offers many advantages and only dizzines or headache for side effects.

I have to say grape seed extract is one of naturals best herbs or vitamins period.

Use it for preventing heart attacks lowering cholestoral and younger skin and helps with stroke prevention.

All advantages have been studied bye major medical schools and groups. Most of the studies all confirm grape seed as one of the better anti oxidants you can buy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs.

We will list medicinal herbs and thier uses.

Each medicinal herb will be listed and common uses for the herb. The Medicinal herbs side effects and proven results will be listed for each herb.

We will focus mainly on main stream medicinal herbs and uses. Some chinese herbs will be listed and the side effects and possible health problems with some medicinal herbs.

Each medicianl herb will be listed and common uses. We will them break down medicinal herbs into groups for imune system and heart and other groups.

The main purpose of the medicinal herbs site to to list what herbs work and what they are used for. Any herb that has been in medical trials and shows results will be are main focus. We want people to know what medicinal herbs work and wich ones you should take.

We will try to have each medicinal herb listed on side of every page or at bottom of this site. This way you can click each medicinal herb you want to look up.

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