Saturday, October 21, 2006

milk thistle

Milk thistle.

Milk thistle benfits and side effects.

Milk thistle is well know for the positive effects it has on your liver. One of the better herbs to cleanse your liver and help restore it.

Milk thistle used as directed has no real side effects. You can use it to boost your liver if you have any type of blood or liver problem. I would use it for lead posioning and other poisonings to help restore liver function.

Milkthistle is very good for people who drink alcohol every week. If you drink alot i would suggest taking milk thistel to help rebuild your liver.

Studies have shown milk thistle encourages liver cells to regenerate and helps keep the liver healthy. If your liver is not healthy this can increase blood pressure and heart disease so milk thistle is one of the better ways to prevent this.

Milk thistle has no real sideeffects and can be used by most people to help restore liver functions. If you take any medications asks your doctor some herbs increase drugs affects and sometimes decrease drugs effect.

I would rate milk thistle as one of the best medicinal herbs for anyone who drinks alot or smokes. This will only help your liver cope with the harmful chemicals in your system. I would also use it for any type of heavy metal poisoning such as lead or mercury.

I do not suggest you take this if you have very high levels but if you have heavy metal levels that need to come down this will help. Always consult a doctor if you use any herbs to treat a condition. I use herbs to help prevent them more than treat them.

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