Tuesday, October 31, 2006



Benifit of pycnogenol and side effects of pycnogenol.

Pycenogenol is called pine bark ectrat or french maritime pine bark extract.

The main benefit of pycnogenol is very high anti oxidant levels that are good for heart and most of your body. They are higher levels than vitamin c and e and have mnore effect.

Most side effects of pycnogenol are small or little. Some people might get dizzy from useing pycnogenal. I personal suggest you do not take any vitamin e and asprin if you use pycnogenol daily. I would suggest pycnogenol and one good multivitamin.

Benefit of pycnogenol is on heart and circulation mostly. Yes it helps most any part of body but it thins blood and reduces cholestorol in some people. Most interesting is the fact it helps small viens in your eyes so it might be good for certain eye conditions.

Pycenogenol is exspensive and has only one advantage over grape seed extract. The main advantage over grape seed extract is pycnogenol effects on eyes and viens in your eyes. This would be my choice for certain eye conditions.

I would take pycnogenol for eye coditions but not for heart or other benfitis. I can get same effect or better one from taking grape seed extract at less cost. I would suggest taking pycnogenol if grape seed extract makes you to dizzy after so many days of using it. You could try pycnogenol instead to see if you are not as dizzy.

Would i use pycnogenol pine bark yes. I would use it if i had certain eye problems maybe even glucoma and other problems such as that. Would i use it for heart or anti oxidents no. I owuld use grape seed extract because it has higher levels and works better on some things like skin and blood thining.

The cost of pycnogenol is high so i suggest grape seed extract instead. I also suggest no one take either one of the medicinal herbs if they are using asprin daily or blood thinners.

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