Monday, October 23, 2006

hawthorn berries

Hawthorn berries.

One of the best natural herbs for the heart is hawthorne berry.

Hawthorn berries come in capsule form or sometimes liquid drops or teas. I preffer the hawthorn berry capsules myself.

Hawthorn beries have one of the more documented positive effects on your heart and blood presure. Hawthorn has been studied world wide and is accepted in some eurpoean countries and a natural heart tonic.

Germany uses hawthornberry capsoles for heart patients. Hawthorn is very good for lowering blood pressure and making your heart stronger. For some reason not well know hawthorn can raise blood pressure if needed and lower it if needed.

No one knows how hawthorn seems to know what to do but it has some great effects on weak hearts making them pump stronger and congested heartfailure patients seem to improve with hawthorn berry use.

Side effects of hawthorn beries are few if any. First never take any herb with out talking to a doctor if you are on medication. Hawthorn can increase some drugs effect and reduce others. No real long term side effects have been noted. Hawthorn berry has been accepted as a long term use herb for heart conditions. The longer you take it the more it seem to help.

Hawthornberry can be found at any drug store or vitamin shop. You can get liquid or tea but i prefer capsules and are at most stores.

Each one has different amount per pill so take according ot directions. You can increase dose to help more but consult doctor if you have medical condition and use medication for any reason.

Hawthorn berrie is used in most hearttonics and one of the main staples for a strong heart and good bloodpressure.

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