Thursday, October 19, 2006

grape seed

Grape seed extract.

One of the hottest medicinal herbs is grapeseed extract powder or oil.

I use the grape sead powder everyday. It has been studied by various research groups and found to be one of the most potent antioxidant thier is.

Everyone knows about the wine studies that show people who drink a glass of red wine have less chance for heart attacks and better cardio vascular health.

Grape seed extract is basicaly red wine with out the alcohol. Some powder forms even use dried redwine and grapeseed extrat.

The only side efects of grape sead use is possible head aches or dizziness. I personaly have been dizzy from grape seed while taking a regular bayer asprin daily. I now oly take half asprin and will switch to low dose soon.

Grape seed extract thins your blood so aspren use will thin it even more. This is why dizziness can be caused.

The benifit of grape seed powder is great. The actual amount of anti oxidants is 50 times more than vitimin e and and 20 times more than vitamen c. I prefer grape seed over both c and e since i basicaly get both with grape seed extract.

Out of all the flavanoids such as c and e and pinebark grape seed extract does more for you and works on almost every part of the body. From your skin to your heart and brain grape seed is one of the best antioxidants around.

I love grape seed for 2 reasons. First it is all natural and very low toxicity in any amount. You really can not over do it unless you take to much and thin your blood out and get dizzy. No real harmfull sideeffects.

Second i get all the anti oxidents i need from one pill instead of taking c and e and pine bark. From younger skin to better heart grape seed offers many advantages and only dizzines or headache for side effects.

I have to say grape seed extract is one of naturals best herbs or vitamins period.

Use it for preventing heart attacks lowering cholestoral and younger skin and helps with stroke prevention.

All advantages have been studied bye major medical schools and groups. Most of the studies all confirm grape seed as one of the better anti oxidants you can buy.

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