Friday, October 20, 2006


Dandelion root or powder herb .

Dandalion is used for water retention and for cleaning the blodd stream.

Dandilion herb is high in potassium and iron and calcium. It is very safe and can be used as dandelion herb in pwdered form and liquid extract.

You can even use dandilion wine and tea for health use.

No real side efects for dandilion except possible heart burn. It is also not a good idea to use dandelion root if your taking water pills. Dandelin can increase water pills so do not take both at same time.

Dandelen is a good herb for cleaning blood and liver out. Some studies show some good results but it needs to be study more.

You can take dandelion daily with no side effects or risks. It will help your fluid balance in body and clean liver kidney and even spleen.
Dandelion can also be used just to get more potasium and iron and calcium. It is very high and all natural way to increase each one.

I suggest dandelion for water retention and it can help with kidney stones. I think it helps with kidney stones becaues it does make you urinate more and that is a good thing with kidney stones.

No one has proven the effect on kidne stones but if you ever had one you will try anything not to get another one. Dandelion might stop stones or delay them. Considering this has no side effects except heart burn and is high in vitamins i would take dandelion if i want to clean my blood and liver and kidneys out.

Dandilion herbal remedies are usulay pils powder or teas. Some have liquid drops. Read each one because all have different strengths. Any health food or vitamin store should have dendelion.

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