Wednesday, October 18, 2006

medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs.

We will list medicinal herbs and thier uses.

Each medicinal herb will be listed and common uses for the herb. The Medicinal herbs side effects and proven results will be listed for each herb.

We will focus mainly on main stream medicinal herbs and uses. Some chinese herbs will be listed and the side effects and possible health problems with some medicinal herbs.

Each medicianl herb will be listed and common uses. We will them break down medicinal herbs into groups for imune system and heart and other groups.

The main purpose of the medicinal herbs site to to list what herbs work and what they are used for. Any herb that has been in medical trials and shows results will be are main focus. We want people to know what medicinal herbs work and wich ones you should take.

We will try to have each medicinal herb listed on side of every page or at bottom of this site. This way you can click each medicinal herb you want to look up.

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