Sunday, October 29, 2006

health benefit of garlic

Health benefits of garlic.

Garlic is a very well known herb. It is used in food and medicinal herbs.

The health benefit of garlic is lower cholestoral and thins your blood. Most studies show garlic to lower cholestoral and thin your blood. Cholestorol can lower by 6 to 12 points but some studies suggest that effects of garlic on your health last for a few months only.

Personaly i would use garlic if i wanted to lower cholestoral for few months and thin blood. You can buy medicinal herb garlic in powder and capsules even oil form.

Garlic is known to kill some bacteria and germs. The amount needed to kill germs in body would be to high to use garlic for but it seems it would work well for germs in your mouth.

Now thier is no known studies on garlic use for germ killing in mouth but you have to wonder if it would be a great way to kill germs in your gums. This would make garlic a easy way to kill gingavitis or gum disease. Like i said no studies but if you have such a problem maybe adding garlic to your favorite dishes or eating raw garlic would help kill the germs.

Side effects of health benefit of garlic are small. Bad breath and some stomach upset for some people. One major side effect of garlic would be if used with daily asprin or blood thining herbs or medicines.

Because garlic thins blood i would not use with any asprin or other blood thinners. You could wind up with blood that will not clot or stop bleeding if cut. You also could get light headed from to thin of blood.

The health benefit of garlic have shown some effect on demensea and other diseses associated with bad blood flow in brain. Garlic does do some great thing for your health but must be looked at in terms of benifits to side effects.

I personaly say yes have some garlic in meals it will not hurt and it is in small enough doses not to effect orther hebs or drugs.

For blood thinning garlic is a good choice but i prefer grape seed extract. Garlic is also good for choloestoral but only short term use and not with any other drugs.

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